I went to a “cooking with coconut flour” seminar saturday morning. It was pretty fun. The seminar pretty much had ZERO to do with cooking (uh…why i went) but rather the benefits of coconut & info on the presenters farm (& holistic farming practices ect.). It was funny sitting there realizing that (assuming i was capable of forming a coherent thought “public speaking” & not passing out from nerves) I could’ve given the seminar, lol. Pretty funny considering I used to buy Gordon’s fish & thought that was a legitmate good home-cooked meal. But i digress. While the content wasn’t what i was hoping for, i did meet a few cool people and made a really fun foodie/faith connection with a woman I sat next to.

I also came away with an amazing cookie recipe. She passed them out to taste during the presentation & I was overjoyed to find that I had all the necessary ingredients at home. Asher and I cooked some up right after lunch. Oh they’re heavenly (assuming you like coconut which I discovered today Ryan does not. another “wow what a terrible wife I am” moment that after 7.5 yrs i managed to not notice a dislike for coconut).

Coconut Macaroons

2 egg whites
pinch salt
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup sucanat (I saw some at Publix the other day, so it’s becoming more avail. looks like)
2.5 cups UNSWEETENED shredded coconut

Whip egg whites with vanilla & salt till stiff. Add sucanat. Fold in coconut & drop onto cookie sheet (not sure if it’s supposed to be greased or not, i did grease mine). Bake @ 350 for 15-18min.

A tip she gave me was after they’re cooled, to freeze them, then thaw & it will yeild a much chewier version, as they come out crunchy. I guess they come out crunchy when cooled anyway, asher and I ate some pretty much immediately & they were pretty chewy I thought.

They taste a lot like Samoas (girl scout cookies). Mmmmm…..They’re also really filling but that did not stop me from eating 3.5 & now i feel like i have a brick in my stomach but still want more. Ah, sugar.

Now to go google to see if i can find the recipe she uses for coconut flour zucchini bread (bread products with no grain flour? i’m intrigued).

4 thoughts on “Coooookies

  1. Pap-asher didn’t get enough paint on the picture…too much on him:)
    Nana-they look like kalidiscopes

  2. They were delicious – I didn’t share with Ethan at all – and he likes coconut (I thought he didn’t like coconut – evidently neither of us knows our husbands well enough). So now I have to make them! Hello Publix where I will be buying sucanat…

  3. I should mention unsweetened dried coconut is hard to find in conventional grocery stores (they have plenty of sweetened though). however i think i spied some in the freezer section today at publix near the frozen fruit. not 100% on that though as i didn’t actually open the case & read it.