Country Fried Hair

Some of you may recall awhile back an adventure i pursued, going “poo free“.  It started out great, but the love affair ended in a scented flop. I ended up compromising with washing with ‘real’ shampoo/conditioner once or twice a week and using either nothing or if my bangs got greasy, baking soda on them the rest of the week (fyi: you can ‘train’ your scalp to not produce as much grease by not washing it everyday).

A couple months ago I re-entered the land of “no ‘poo”.  Sigh.  it seemed to be going well, i changed from regular white vinegar to apple cider vinegar….but apparently still smelled of vinegar.  To make matters worse, i now have long hair and it was a whole different ball game.  The ends have gotten a wee damaged here of late.  Wearing my hair down is quite the ordeal, trying to hide the split ends & coarsness.  I’ve since discovered a few things i may have been doing wrong (too much baking soda, not diluting the acv or could’ve tried lemon juice). but i’m tired of the effort.  So i’ve settled on forking out the dough for aubrey organics shampoo & conditioner (the cost is holding me to the 1-2x/week routine) & making an appt. to get my hair trimmed.

I am excited about the hair appointment though.  Apparently we have 2 pretty big salon schools here in Winter Park, where you can go for deeply discounted hair (& body w/Aveda) care.  Aveda & Paul Mitchell.  I decided to go with Aveda….always a tad scary knowing it’s someone who’s technically still learning…but I’m hoping it won’t make THAT much difference since it’s only a trim & not a ‘real’ cut & style.

Which reminds me, if anyone who lives in the orlando/winter park area would like a $10 gift card for Regis Salon (i’m not sure if it has to be the one in the mall right here or not), let me know.  It came in the mail recently (promo from the company) & I can’t bring myself to throw it away even though I’m not going to use it.

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