CRAZY wreck!

So, last night after dinner we decided to enjoy the nice weather by sitting on our stoop. We were just hanging out when we heard that awful sound… ssssscreech… POW!

I looked up to see a HUGE Ford F-250 go sideways on the main road next to our house. It headed straight for our ditch. When it hit the ditch embankment it (literally) went head over heals. It was the most surreal thing to watch.

I yelled for Jenn to get the kids in and call 911. I ran to the truck (followed closely by my neighbor) and it took both of us pulling with all our might to bend the passenger door back to get inside. I was able to see the passenger and I asked if everyone was alright. They all (4 of them) said yes. They managed to slowly crawl out and make it to the yard. Amazingly, the only visible injury was a small cut on 1 woman’s big toe. Of course, with a wreck like this, they all got carted to the hospital.

The car that caused the accident had some major front end damage, but the drive and passenger were fine. Apparently they tried to stop at the stop sign in front of our house, but couldn’t. So, the went into the street and T-boned the rear 1/3 of the F-250.

So very thankful that everyone lived through the wreck. I’m still replaying the truck flipping into my ditch. CRAZY!

Here are some pics (click to enlarge):





One thought on “CRAZY wreck!

  1. Asher talked about it all day yest. He wanted to pray for them all a lot too…but i think mostly he wanted to pray for the truck, that it would “not get smashed” & that the tow-truck would not get smashed too…um…I think he thinks trucks are alive…