While i’m thus far really enjoying the Florida weather (i think the mild winter will be worth the hot summer even…mostly due to the fact that i’d much rather be hot than cold…i’m sure ryan would disagree), not so much all the critters. I’ve seen 3 scary looking spiders (i can’t even think
about spiders without cringing), two of which were the largest i’d ever seen before (though so far Seoul, S. Korea holds the record for weirdest looking spiders I’ve seen), and snakes. I saw one slither across the backyard a few weeks ago, and today there was one right by our front door….staring at me & the kids while we came out to check the mail. Pretty sure it was this guy, so good to know he’s not poisonous, but still…..

I chased him away with a (really) long stick about 30min. ago, but just now looked out & he’s back on the lawnmower…next to the front door. Guess it’s warm on there.

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