Cross Country Scooter Trip

Ok, Drew and Sarah stopped by the house this afternoon (which was very nice of them). Drew is moving to Seattle in a couple months and decided to share with me that he was interested in riding a scooter from VA to WA. Me, having my newfound excitement in scooters, told him that it was a GREAT idea. We estimate that it will take 13-17 days and will cost about $87 in gas… that’s right, $87 in gas to go from cost to cost. Is that amazing or what?!?!?

Both of us not having scooters, we decided that we should get honda to give us some and that we’d video tape our journey for them and post it online. I have a ton of ad campaigns that I could think of that Honda could use to sell their scoots… “Hummer = $82 from home to work… Ruckus = $82 to go from VA to WA!”

Anyway, I think we all know that I am not going to go on a cross country scooter trip… But a boy can dream… right?

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