Stomping for Jesus

In lighter news, a short story for those who are interested in cute things my kids do. :o)

This morning I put on some (rather loud) praise & worship music (this is not normal in the Burns’ house in the a.m.). I got the kids up & when i went in to get Grace, she was sitting up in her crib & “dancing”. I swooped her up & said, “Oooh Grace, Jesus LOOOVES to watch you dance!” Asher was next to me & he said, “oh! I’ll be right back!” & ran to his room. While I changed Grace’s diaper he sat on the floor behind me & put on his “loud shoes” & said, “Jesus loves to hear me stomp!” & proceeded to stomp a bit (We often have afternoon ‘dance jam sessions’ on the hardwood floor & asher’s ‘dancing’ consists mostly of running, jumping & stomping in his ‘loud shoes’).

Indeed. I’m sure Jesus loves to watch us dance….and stomp.

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