Date Night

So, Jennifer and I had a much needed date night last evening. While scrolling through things to do in Richmond I saw that Kings Dominion was starting its Halloween Haunt nights. Now, I’m not one to go to spooky things, but I do really enjoy roller coasters. So, I figured that, as long as we stayed in the main area of the park and didn’t go into any of the “haunted houses” then it wouldn’t be too bad.

So, we agreed on the date and headed out. The weather was perfect. Fall has arrived in Richmond and last night was amazing. The gates opened at 7 p.m. and we were there right on time. What was so great about the night was that the park was pretty empty… Since it wasn’t officially October yet, it appears that they haven’t really pushed this opening weekend… that, and the state fair is this week, so that drew a large crowd that might have other wise been at the park.

I’ll have to say, it was a lot of fun to be there with Jenn riding the rides. After being closed multiple times that evening, we did finally get to ride the Volcano, which is a truly great coaster. If you ever go, take the extra time to wait for the front seat, you won’t be disappointed.

Well, as I said, we were there for the rides and tried to avoid all the scary stuff… however, we were tricked into going into one of the haunted houses. Apparently they transformed one of the indoor roller coasters into a haunted house and then don’t tell you about it… So, we go to ride the ride and as we enter you can tell that it is a Halloween thing… Thankfully it was cheezy. The funny part was that I really thought that the ride was still going to be operating. So, when we got to where the ride would normally begin, there was nothing. Lots of people were mad about the whole thing. After we got out I went and talked to the very nice lady at the entrance and told her that it was very misleading to not tell people that the ride was not running and that they should tell people that this is a haunted house tonight. She was very surprised and said, “Oh, is that why everyone is coming out mad? Wow, Ok, we’ll tell everyone from now on.” She was really nice and that made me feel better… though I was still mad that it was one less ride to ride.

Well… that’s all really. It was a lot of fun. We both enjoy roller coasters and it was a nice evening together. Oh, and we almost bought one of those expensive pictures at the end of the ride that shows you screaming… yeah, we both looked terrified… it was pathetic! HA!

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