Day 3

i did not get the chance to blog last night b/c ryan needed the computer for some work, so here’s yesterday’s update:

Pee in the potty: 9 times out of 12, Poop: 0 out of 2.

Today we’re having attitude problems, so it’s been a bit stressful…doesn’t help that I am at that “can’t sleep well at night” phase in the pregnancy. I forgot about this stage…had it with Asher, but as with all other things pregnant, forgot about it. Thankfully I have a super-dad husband who rescued me from 12-1:20 and let me run out for lunch and some peace of mind. Pretty much the first time i’ve left the house since Sunday, so that was great. I also chatted with a friend/experienced mom (4 kids so far) and was greatly encouraged as to where Asher is at the moment. We will re-evaluate on Sunday whether or not he (and we) are able/willing to continue, or if we will hang up the big-boy pants for a later date. However, at the moment I am hopeful, though aware that he is a little guy and might be pushing the readiness.

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