Days 4 & 5

I don’t have the counts from yesterday, but there were slightly more accidents than successes…almost equal. Today, we’ve had NO success prior to naptime, and i think we’re both tired of the whole thing. Asher doesn’t want anything to do with sitting on the potty today, or doing anything else that I want him to do for that matter. And i’m tired of following him around and entertaining him all day (think he’s sick of that too, I think he misses his “alone time”). So it’s a fun day. I’m sticking with it for now, out of sheer stubborness at this point, every other part of me is ready to just put diapers back on him. But i’m determined to make it to sunday at least before quitting (7 full days). I feel like my own aerobics instructor (one more time, ok, one more time, that’s great, two more reps..). From what I hear from friends, I apparently can’t expect too much success till another couple weeks, so it’s just a matter of if i have the energy and patience to stick it out that long or not. At this point, i’m thinking probably not……but we’ll see….”you can do it, one more set, that’s right, kick….and lift…” Keep reminding myself that I am very pregnant and NOT wonderwoman (the outfit would look ridiculous at this point), so to give myself a little slack…and nap….

On the upside, the women in my church are really great. I’ve had quite a few call to check in on me to see how it’s going and plenty of offers for diversions/company & prayer. It’s nice to not be our own little island of a family.

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