“Death is not Dying”

I just spent the past 55 minutes making liver pate, cleaning the kitchen and and weeping in sorrow, joy, shame, gratitude….listening to the following on my laptop. It is a message a woman named Rachel Barkey gave a couple weeks ago in Canada. She is a wife & mother of 2, and is not expected to live to her 38th birthday. I’m not one to fwd every video I think is interesting or funny (only the MOST funny ones. ;) ), but here ya go. I put my “non-fwding” pride on the line & demand you sneak in an hour to listen/watch. I picked it up from the Girl Talk blog. I also stole this from that blog post:

Many people have asked Rachel, “Why? Why is this happening to you? To Neil? To Kate and Quinn? To your family and friends?”

“I don’t ask ‘why?’” says Rachel. “Because I know.”

Please watch or listen and learn what Rachel knows.

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