I have decided that we are sticking with it. Asher no longer uses diapers, except naptime and bedtime (we’ll deal with those later). He still has some accidents but it’s getting less and less frequent, and a number of times he’s told me he has to go, so that’s encouraging. I would not say he’s totally “potty trained” just yet, but it will be very soon, so I’m going to keep after it. Bowel training hasn’t really sunk in yet either, but he’s gone from having 5 a day to one or two, so I can handle that for now.

So in conclusion, I would not really recommend training so early unless you have a good reason to want to (such as, a new baby on the way and a little boy that gets rashes twice a week and screams through most diaper changes). You will need good motivation. If it weren’t for that and all the cheerleading and support I got from other moms I definitely would have thrown in the towel 3 days into it. There was one day in particular that I was starting to ‘meltdown’ and was crying and frustrated and sat down to pray. Moments later a friend called to check in on me. Everything she said was so encouraging and helpful that I was actually excited to continue after naptime. God is merciful. I’m still not on the green side of the fence yet, but there’s been so much improvement that I know it will not be much longer and it will be worth it to keep hanging in.

However w/baby #2, unless he/she walks up to me and says, “mama, i want to go on the potty”, using a british accent, I will wait until at least 20 months, probably 24. I’ve talked w/a few folks who waited till their kid was 3 and it only took one day, but I’m not doing diapers on the same kid for 3 years. Who knows, maybe it’s like childbirth and I’ll forget the pain in a year or so, and will end up doing it early again. :o)

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