Desire and poor judgment

Ok, if you are a regular reader of the daily burns you will remember that, about a month ago, I bought a jeep. It has been my dream car since I turned 16. The jeep I got is almost the exact dream jeep I wanted… I got a 1979 CJ7. It is big and loud and horrible to drive on the highway… I LOVE IT. I sit around and look forward to the next time I can take it for a spin. Despite the fact that the gas mileage is bad (all time 4 wheel drive) I take it to work every day. I love the jeep.

Which brings me to the title of the post.

I know that it was stupid to buy this jeep. Bad gas mileage, not family friendly, old and prone to problems… However, when I saw and drove it… I didn’t want to hear anything that would tell me not to buy it. The true indicator that I was making a stupid decision was that I didn’t call my dad before I bought it. See, my dad is a successful business man and my step mom has a degree in finance. So, whenever I am making big financial decisions I typically give them a call and get their advice (makes sense, right?). However, once I saw the jeep I thought, “I am not calling dad and cheri… I know EXACTLY what they’ll say.” In fact, I don’t think I ever told them… They found out by reading the blog. Only when dad called and mentioned it did I fess up to the purchase. (note: I also didn’t tell my mom because I knew she’d get on to me about “how dangerous they are.” (note to note: they are much safer than scooters and motorcycles))

Now, one month later I am selling the jeep. We’ve decided to keep the van (my irrational rationale for buying the jeep was we were selling the van and Jenn was going to drive the avalon) and I am confronted with the reality that this was just a stupid financial decision for my family.

Do I love the jeep… yes. Was it a stupid purchase for someone trying to consolidate debt and cut expenses so that he can attend seminary… yes. Did I learn my lesson… I hope so, but probably not. Will I ever own the dream jeep again… only time will tell.

So long friend… at least I can say I got to experience it for myself.

(Oh, yeah… it is for sale if anyone wants to buy it. Asking $6000 but will sell for $5500 if you mention that you read the daily burns.)


One thought on “Desire and poor judgment

  1. Hey I was just updating myself on the past few post I haven’t yet read and came to this one. Let me tell you Ryan you definitly know how to sell a car. Of course even with the fact that you mention the bad gas mileage and not family friendly if we lived closer and had the money we’d probably buy it just to have a car. :)