Dinosaur Google

It was required that I “look up on the computer” the difference between the Allosaurus and the T-rex right now.  Here’s what Google had to say: the allosaurus had 3 fingers while the t-rex had 2.  The t-rex was also bigger & depending on what you believe about the age of the earth, the Allosaurus lived in an earlier time period.

Due to Asher’s inability to read & obsession with dinosaurs, I know more about dinosaurs than i  ever thought was possible for me.  Anyone else spend their afternoons reading dinosaur encyclopedias?

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Google

  1. No cant say that I did, but it was nice of you to do that for him, no wonder he is as smart as he is, it is the advantage of the computer. I did not have that advantage to look things up that easily when you all had questions about the many things I had no ideas about.


  2. I LOVED your voicemail yesterday….Ethan and I were touched that Asher wanted us to have dinner with you guys. We would love a raincheck on that invite very soon! Yeah – Asher Burns likes us! :)

  3. I’m guilty…when Jeremiah was 3…I learned SO much about dinosaurs and became a crazy fan of the critters myself. Unfortunately, he is now 8, and Jacob never really got into them…and I’ve forgotten most of what I learned. I guess it’s true…if you don’t use it…you lose it. Have fun while it lasts!