Grace has a new word as of yesterday….”Dishis”. It means “delicious”. When she really likes what she is eating (or just wants to be cute & make me laugh) she usually just closes her eyes, throws her head back & says, “mmmmm!”. Yesterday twice she did that and then said, “Dishis!”.

Her vocab is growing more & more.  Before we know it we’ll be having “Grace stories” like Asher’s below:

The kids were “playing soccer” as I was getting dinner ready.  Suddenly Asher starts yelling, exasperated, “No! Grace you don’t have gloves on! You’re not the goalie!!” …apparently she kept picking the ball up with her hands (she actually says, “kick!” as she throws it).  After some time of this & me explaining that she doesn’t HAVE to follow the soccer rules yet, he finally sighed & said, “ok Grace, you can be the goalie, but I’m still going to be a soccer player and we just kick”  (apparently Goalies are not soccer players in his mind).

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