I have a few women friends that I email with regularly.   With 2 of these women in particular our exchanges lately have been mostly 3-way discussions vs. one-on-one.  I have been finding myself more & more reading our email exchanges imagining letters exchanged from the apostles to the church ect.  “1 Email, a letter from the christian Melissa to her sisters in Christ scattered over the United States”  Or “2 Jenn:  Dana, a seeker of Christ by the will of God according to the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus, To Jenn my beloved friend”.  We are praying for one another, working through the practical application of our theology, analyzing our heart motives in parenting and toward our spouses….encouraging one another & preaching to each other.

In the past couple weeks via myspace I have reconnected with a girl who was my “8th grade best friend”.  She had an enormous impact on my salvation (though it didn’t ‘sink in’ till MUCH later) and it has been a breath of fresh air catching up with her & getting to tell her how much she impacted my life as a giddy little middle-schooler.

I know there are facets to “web 2.0″ that cause us to shirk and hide from REAL community, but I must say, I am grateful for the virtual community as well as the “IRL” community.  I have received many timely “e-pistles” from friends over the past few years that I still occasionally look back on.

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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! you never know – the “littles’” waists don’t seem to grow to fast – the rest of them grow, and yet their little waists seem to stay the same – don’t we wish we were like that – so perhaps the shorties will fit. Nice to meet another Believing Momma!