Education aint what it used to be…

I’ve only got a moment, but I have to get this off my chest.

I got a request today from an individual who is a high school senior looking for an internship with our company. In reading his inquiry I was impressed to find out that he had a 4.1 GPA (uh… out of 4.0). I could rant about that for days, but I must remain on point here… The point is that in the very sentence prior the young man wrote the nastiest, scariest, most horrible-est run on sentence in the history of mankind (well, maybe not that bad). So, my question is, “what English teacher is giving this kid an A.”

While, sure, the kid is responsible for himself and needs to get his act together… but surely the school is letting him down. The school is letting this kid think that he is above “excellent” in his understanding of, apparently, all subjects (A=4.0=Excellence). Lets remember here that C=Average… AKA on par with “most” people. However, apparently, the majority of kids today aren’t using punctuation at all… so, at least a run on sentence has an eventual period… the “excellent.”

Here is what I want to see… I want to see teachers give less A’s, fewer B’s, and more C’s. I’m no grammar genius… but, then again, I graduated with a 3.1 gpa… So, I am apparently above average in my understanding. But something is wrong with the education system when this kid has a 4.1 gpa.

For those who feel like I’m being hard on this kid… Don’t worry too much… we’ll probably still give him the internship. However, his English teacher is blacklisted.

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