Energy Drink

I love Red Bull. For me, when I’m really dragging, it works like a charm… however, my granola wife isn’t fond of all the junk in it…

So, I found this today and am going to give it a try. Apparently this is some all natural energy drink that is endorsed by Lance Armstrong. Even better is that you get a free trial of like 10 different products for the price of shipping.

Seems like a reasonable offer… I’ll let you know what I think.

Wanna Try some with me?

Need All Day Energy?

3 thoughts on “Energy Drink

  1. Indeed, I do want to try some with you. I just ordered my free trial, ha. I need all the things it supposedly supplies–energy, immune support, concentration, etc. But I also tried another antioxidant drink called monavie for awhile that claimed similar things that didn’t seem to have any affect…I guess we’ll see. I mean if Lance says it works, it must work, right? =)

    What’s kombucha??