Fairweather fan

Cheese head

So today we’ve let asher skip naptime. Grace is down, ryan went to run an errand & I needed to spend some time here looking for a good deal on cod liver oil (vitaminshoppe.com always wins, yet still i look everytime).

While I was finishing up paying for my order asher (who is coloring at the dining room table) asks if I will come watch him color. I oblige & as I walk over he says, “hey, mom, look, I’m coloring a beautiful picture for you.”

It has lots of pink & brown. I tell him I love pink & that brown is my favorite color. Then the exchange below:

Asher – It is?? That’s MY favorite color too!

Me- It is? I thought it was green. (it has been green for a few months anyhow)

Asher – Oh..yeah..well, now it’s brown. It was green, but the green bay packers losed so now it’s brown.

Me – Oh, cool, we have the same favorite color! And the green bay packers lost, not losed.

4 thoughts on “Fairweather fan

  1. Rub it in that Oma’s team choked in the cold and lost :) At least her Dolphins retain the record for the only team with an undefeated season to include the Super Bowl. Now if only my Redskins would get their front office together and make smart moves…

  2. 1) yeah, i’m pretty sure oma did a little brainwashing when ya’ll watched him that “football” weekend, b/c before then i had him catechized to answer “redskins” when asked his favorite team. ;)

    2) the cod liver oil is lemon flavored, so just tastes like lemon oil. not super gross (i’ve tried the unflavored kind & i nearly threw up, asher however didn’t mind it at all…yet he won’t eat a pea to save his life)

    3) :( we miss you too mon.