Family Worship

Saw this on another blog this morning. Almost didn’t post it, i mean, it’s clear early on where it’s going & honestly it’s rather painfully convicting…but i figure that’s probably a good reason to post it. Not to say it’s “always us”…but we have definitely not been immune to it.

2 thoughts on “Family Worship

  1. Yea does hit home somewhat doesent it, there were sundays we did coment I beleave that that was not the way we should be getting ready for church on Sun. but I don’t think we were quite that bad and like you said it was not always, just felt that way, I think, I hope.


  2. We’re like this sometimes too. I know I need to watch my ‘behind closed doors behavior’, it’s not quite as shiny, polished or polite as my public persona. For that I am ashamed.