Fever update

was going to send an email to a few, but decided to just post here instead (yes, lazy).  So in case anyone was curious:

Asher still had a mild fever this morning (day 4 of it) & as of last night his throat looked pretty red.  So I took him in to the doctor (thankfully the pediatrician nearby has an “after hours clinic” open today).  Still don’t know what’s ailing him though.  Strep test came back negative as did a urine culture.  However there was apparently a “small bit” of blood in the urine, so we took it to the lab for further testing.  Peeing in the cup was a funny experience….funny in a “wow..we got pee all over the place” kinda way…

The doctor sounded confident it’s just “a random virus” that will work itself out in a few more days.  If not…back we go.  Asher however seems to be better today, is playing & talking non-stop as normal & just had a bowl of cheerios (first ‘meal’ he’s eaten in 3 days).  Still slightly warm to the touch, but not much….although the pattern has been low fever or no fever in the morning with it getting higher as the day goes on.

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