First Dentist Trip

I should’ve brought the camera. This just occurred to me as I started to type, that it seems incomplete w/o a pic (not that i have yet learned how to get a stinkin picture into a post w/o blowing up the site). Anyhow, Asher and Grace both had their first ever dentist visit today. Over the years I’ve heard different folks (pediatricians, other parents, 2 dentists) give different ages when kids ‘should’ start going to the dentist. According to the one we went to today it’s apparently 1 year. Sheesh. In THAT case Asher WAY behind. The only reason I even made the appointment was because I’ve been noticing Grace’s teeth have gotten pretty yellow and it was a yellow i could scrape off. I got a bit concerned about plaque or something, plus with the crooked crowding I didn’t know if that was extra reason for concern. So I basically made the appointment for her & figured Asher might as well go too.

We went to a super close by pediatric dentist. I made the appointment a week ago, so we’ve been talking about it a lot the past week. Hyping it up. Talking about what they do, how they clean the teeth, about the special toothbrush that’s loud & tickles ect. ect. I meant to pick up a book from the library on going to the dentist but forgot until the day of so we had to settle for one about going to the doctor for a well check (will come in handy for Grace’s 3 year check next month). Apparently it ‘worked’. Both kids were excited about going. When we got there the waiting room had some awesome toys including a fun playhouse with a working doorbell and some wooden tinker toys (that Asher immediately turned into many swords, while Grace played ‘neighbors over for dinner’ with another little girl). They were called back together and were in basically the same room separated by a half wall (partition?) so i stood in the middle where they could both see me. Not that they ever cared to, they were too busy watching cartoons on the tv on the ceiling (unfort. it was sponge bob they were watching. That’s on the black list in this house), with little headphones & sunglasses on. Grace had a short moment of panic when they moved the electric chair into position after she climbed up on it, but was quickly put at ease.

They were both rock stars. Not the slightest bit of apprehension, very happy to open and shut their mouths as directed. In fact they both had x-rays done. The staff and dentist all oohed and aahhed over Grace, claiming she may be the youngest patient they’ve ever had willing to do the x-ray. They said most 3 year olds on their first visit won’t even sit on the chair without coaxing. When they put the first bite wing in place she spit it out b/c it pinched (it pinches me too so I was surprised she did it), but the hygienist gently asked if she would try again explaining why they were doing it (looking for ‘sugar bugs’) and that it would be super fast. Grace sighed and said, “Ok, I will be brave”. That girl cracks me up. After both sides were done she shouted to me, “Mom! I did a super good job and I was very brave!” (this was before anyone told her as such). The best was that any time anyone walked near her she opened her mouth wide, even after the exam was over and she was sitting up. Asher was pretty ho hum, old hat about the whole thing until the actual brushing part. He REALLY liked the bubble gum flavoring. He did NOT like the lack of star wars toothbrush options when he got to choose a brush on the way out (and I quote, “There seems to be a lot of princesses and not Star Wars or Superheros. But I really want Star Wars because that’s my best one.” He had to settle for Cars. The only ‘boy’ option).

Neither had cavities, though both apparently have spots between the same molars that are potential issues so it was stressed we floss nightly. He also mentioned the fact that they will both need braces when they’re older. I expected it for Grace, but Asher’s teeth are perfectly straight & the boy has himself a big mouth. According to the dentist the fact that his teeth are very tight together means he won’t have enough room for the bigger ones or something, that there will be crowding. Guess we’ll see. Certainly have time before we need to be worrying about braces. Oh & the staining on Grace’s teeth? Came right off with the cleaning. The hygienist said green leafy vegetables and a diet high in iron tend to stain the teeth like that. Oh. So the bi-weekly runs of liver pate and bowls of steamed chard for lunch? Yeah. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

The dentist also HIGHLY recommended a $150 toothbrush for them (the oral b triumph…apparently the same one that He uses himself, apparently upgraded to it from the sonicare & likes it a ton more. It has a small head so it’s great for kids). Of course I had no idea the cost when he was telling me about it. I checked one out at target on our way home (when i was buying floss and a trashcan for their bathroom) and had a bit of sticker shock. We’ll have to see about that.

So there you have the main recap of the First Ever Burns Kids Dentist Trip.

5 thoughts on “First Dentist Trip

  1. Good Job Burn’s Kids! Funny! Oma and Opa went to the dentist yesterday too! Wish ours was only going to be the cost of a $150 tooth brush, not so lucky. We both need a bit of costly work,the price we pay to keep our teeth for life! Oh well could be worse I suppose. :) Our dentist also has TV’s :) I thought that was neat!

  2. i love that grace kept opening her mouth. so cute!

    my kids both say “it’s my best” for “it’s my favorite.” :)

    just curious – did you decline the fluoride? trevor has been to the dentist twice now, and i’ve been too chicken to say anything. :)

  3. Jenn, it’s rhiamom from tf. The dentist visit sounds like it went great! Good job on the “no cavities.” Trying to keep them healthy is hard, but rewarding. They sound so cute!

    I use an Oral B sonic toothbrush myself, and love the small head. I have a small mouth and a large gag reflex, and normal sized toothbrushes literally make me gag and barf. Not the best way to begin and end the day!

  4. That’s so cute! I wish you did have pictures. I made appts for me and nate for next month. It’s been a VERY long time since we’ve been so I’m definitely worried. I know for sure that I have a few cavities. Yuck!

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