First emotional moment regarding moving

So, the whole moving to Orlando thing hasn’t really sunk in yet. That is probably because very waking moment is spent working or thinking about work (minus the 2 hours of TV I watch every week).

Well, the move is getting really close and I haven’t even begun to think of all the stuff we have to do to get ready. Not to mention that our house is still not sold. It is getting down to the wire here.

Well, all that said, this afternoon I had a moment with Asher and Jenn that almost made me cry (and did make jenn cry). The conversation goes:

(Wrapping a present for Asher’s friend’s birthday)
J – So Asher, how old is John today?
A – Three years old.
J – And when will Asher be Three?
A – In January… and I’ll have my party.
J – (somewhat quiet) Maybe you’ll have some friends by then…
A – And we’ll have Preston and John… (naming his friends who will be at the party)

Yeah, I had a moment of realization right then. My son has to leave his friends… And they won’t be at his birthday party.

It got me… and Jenn.

Now, he’s three and he’ll be fine. And we’re adults and we’ll be fine… but there was a moment where it was all very clear… and a little sad.

So, we continue onward. There is a lot to do between now and then… and now I need to save up to buy plane tickets for all Asher’s friends to come to Orlando for his birthday… Or at least a ticket for him to go see them.

3 thoughts on “First emotional moment regarding moving

  1. I’ve been meaning to come back to this and make a suggestion. Why not have a b-day party before you leave? Assuage your conscience, take the pictures, see your friends, make Asher happy. Then on his “real” birthday you can celebrate with his aunt and uncle in the new home and not try to create a party with people you might not even be friends with two years from now. Just an idea–that’s what I would do. I’m sure A wouldn’t mind two parties.

  2. That sounds like a really great idea. I think we’ll have to do that… Sure, for the rest of his life he’s going to want two birthdays, but it’s probably worth it.

    Thanks for the idea

  3. Chris doesn’t actually read your blog or write comments, but I was on his computer and checked. Three year olds forget most everything by the next year. No worries that he’ll demand two 16th birthdays or two cars. It’s amazing to me how the kids even “forget” people that they adore but don’t see for 5 months.