First Impressions

We’ve been in our new place for a week. I’m still diggin the town & weather, though it’s gotten chilly & dark….I’m enjoying it. It feels like Fall, which is my favorite season. I’ve been cooking up whole chickens in an effort to obtain bones to make broth so i can start making soups! Ahh…soup weather. For most of the day Sunday I felt like it was thanksgiving. It looked like thanksgiving outside, chilly, cloudy, leaves all sorts of pretty colors. I also roasted a chicken & made butternut squash puree (think candy topped sweet potatoes but sub. butter nut squash) for dinner & we watched football all afternoon/evening. The only thing missing was gobs of people to share it with.

Speaking of people…the kids and I went to a “playdate” in my neighborhood on monday morning. We live in a town-home/condo type complex (home owners association drama & all), and there seem to be a number of stay-home (or mostly stay-home) mom’s here with small kids. I met one such mom last week at the playground & she invited me to what would be their first “playgroup” meeting at another mom’s house. It was lots of fun & cool to meet other women, though of course I remember NONE of their names, let alone kids names….sigh. I think next week I’ll bring name tags. Anyhow, Asher had been paling around with another little boy (soon to be 3), both carrying plastic golf clubs that were “really” guns, swords, spears throughout the morning. At one point i heard, loud as ever, cutting through the mom chatter, “Are you Jesus? Because I’m a Roman Soldier!”. I could feel the “deer in headlights” expression taking over my face as i turned to see Asher pointing his “sword” at two little (3yo) girls sitting on the floor.

I did not fail to notice the horrified look on at least one of the other mom’s faces. After a quick, “We don’t play games about Jesus’ death and we don’t point swords/guns/spears at other people” reprimand, I entered back into the mom’s circle. Pretty much wanted to cut my losses and go home after that though.

I have no idea where most of them stand spiritually, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag for me. I’m fine with folks knowing I love Jesus, but not sure what they must think our home life is like if my son is wanting to pretend to be a roman soldier “capturing” Jesus. For the record, he DOES play “bible story” pretend games (like Jonah or David ect.), but he’s never done that one before. Figures that one would surface in a “first impression” situation. Sigh….”might be a church kid if…”

4 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Haha! I was on a conference call, bored out of my mind, so I thought I’d check your site. I read this and literally laughed out loud leaving several people to ask “who’s laughing?”

    Haha!! This is a great story. Wow!!! :-)

  2. Oh, I just read my comment and realized that it might sound as though I only go to your site when I’m bored out of my mind…not the case. It just so happened that this particular time I decided to go to your site I was bored out of my mind…

  3. hahaha this story makes me laugh cause I really can imagine your face Jen. :)

    ah kids are so funny :)

  4. Poor Jenn. Pretty funny though. I’m just glad you’re already meeting people! That’s convenient that they were having there 1st play date…you guys were right on time. :)