Flylight Zone

It drives me crazy when ryan forgets to tell me events that are going on. The most recent one is that there is apparently a fly convention meeting in our house today that he failed to tell me about.

Ok, so maybe he didn’t know about it either. Surely someone did though. Since 11am, I have killed 15 flies & currently have 3 buzzing around my head & 2 that I am aware of that are currently buzzing around the living room upstairs. Where did they all come from? The REALLY weird thing is that i have noticed flies on the OUTSIDE of the windows buzzing like they’re trying to find a way in.

Very creepy. & irritating.

One thought on “Flylight Zone

  1. Jen- I feel like I’ve had bug issues too lately. First it was ants (at least 4 massive ant attacks in the past year) and recently a few creepy crawler types. NOT a fan of infestation.