For Grace

While doing some research this morning into viral video marketing, I came across this amazing campaign by Dove (as in the soap). The campaign is focused on women and girl’s self-esteem and the definition of beautiful. Now, this would truly make for a great case study from a marketing and corporate responsibility angle and I thought about commenting on that, however, Tom Blue on has covered the Dove campaign on his blog. So, go there to read that stuff.

I, however, want to say, above all, that these two videos wanted me to go home and tell my daughter how beautiful she is. Dad’s, watch these videos and go fight the stereotypes of society. Your daughter is so beautiful… never let her forget it:



5 thoughts on “For Grace

  1. The two women who worked on this ad (copywriter and art director team) came to VCU to speak for the Adcenter… It was really cool to hear their perspective on making the ad and the research they did. an interesting side note is that while almost every image we see has been digitally retouched, Dove has pledged never to use retouching in an ad again.

  2. Wow, Dove really made that pledge? That’s amazing and makes me want to go buy something Dove… I don’t suppose Dove chocolate counts… ha =)

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