For Jen H.

I’m not calling Jen out, I just know she has a deep interest in humility. She should write a book about it some day.

I’m pondering humility this morning. Studying psalm 4, which contains one of the “be angry & do not sin” verses. As usual I am struck by the context I was previously unaware of (are you shocked yet by my lack of biblical knowledge? ha…).

After a ‘retort’ to people apparently slandering him he appears to be preaching to himself:

Be angry and do not sin; Ponder in your own hearts on your bed and be silent. Offer right sacrifices and put your trust in the Lord

I’m not entirely sure i’ve heard that verse preached, but a similar one, Eph. 4:26, and usually heard/thought that verse with the idea that it’s only ok to act angry when it’s REALLY justifiable (no idea what my criteria for that is). But here it sounds as though he’s saying to basically shut up when we’re angry, which I could see as a means to “not sin” in the anger. “Ponder it” in your heart…in the presence of God…but don’t take the opportunity to cut into the offenders. Instead continue in your ‘sacrific’e & trust God for our validation whether or not we receive any from man.

What REALLY struck me w/that is the humility necessary to walk that out. I’d be hard-pressed to take accusation (false OR deserved accusation) w/o lashing out. Can you imagine what it takes for a prominent figure to walk that out? A king? & it’s not merely trying to ignore it & stew silently (until i explode…). But “put your trust in the Lord”.

Nope, not possible. ….which reminds me…have i mentioned lately that i need Jesus to continually sanctify me?

Last, a short quote on anger from a commentary on Ephesians 4:26:

The spring of it is a corrupt heart, it is stirred up by satan, encouraged by pride, and increased by grievous words and reproachful language.

2 thoughts on “For Jen H.

  1. I’ve been struck more and more lately by how much I need God. Not just for my salvation, but for EVERYTHING! The verse from James 4:8 is ringing in my head – “Come near to God and He will come near to you.” I used to picture that as me walking toward God and God walking toward me. Now I see it as God standing there and me crawling toward Him, head bowed, in awestruck wonder and gratitude for who He is and what He has done . . . I love when I realize I was totally wrong about something (like that, at least)!!!

  2. Come on, you can be honest. You think I have an anger management problem. It’s okay; I can take it. ;-)

    I continue to be struck by the importance of humility in God’s eyes…and in the Christian walk. It just doesn’t work without it, you know? And here you’ve hit upon the non-defensiveness of humility. I think perhaps it most closely fits under the component of “lack of self-importance” in my conceptualization of humility. It’s our sense of entitlement that leads to anger when others wrong us… when we come to a point of not finding ourselves so important, it’s easier not to be so defensive about attacks on ourself. Of course I don’t mean not important as in not worthwhile… this all gets so confusing. It might be awhile before that book happens. =)