For Monica and Drew

So, our new home has some new decorations. Throughout the house you will find the following hanging on walls, doors, mirrors, and even the shower:


6 thoughts on “For Monica and Drew

  1. hehehe- this makes me think of saying the hebrew alphabet to the tune of the english alphabet.

    it works!

  2. i just did a little quiz and though I dont think i could make it in OT days, i was pretty happy.

    Question – Why dont you have “Syn” and “Shyn” and no i dont know how to phonetically write those out

    Good luck man, write write write thats what helped me

  3. Answer – Bottom right corner (next to Tav) is “Shin”. Move the dot to the left hand side and it is “Sin”.

  4. yeah but shouldnt they separate it as two different letters?

    I agree with Drew, write write write- that is the key to memorization.

  5. Everyone writes the alphabet differently. Technically, they are one letter (shin) however, to alleviate confusion on which sound to use, you can write it with the dot (sure there is a technical term for that) over the other side. Similar to (bet and vet)… when it is vet you lose the dot. I think it also matters what type of Hebrew you are learning… we’re apparently learning “modern” Hebrew.

  6. oh yeah, we learned biblical hebrew.

    thats actually kinda weird cause i thought there were extra letters in modern hebrew? i could be totally wrong- i just thought that various pictures of signs taken in israel had various similar letters.