For toddler art lovers: Jericho; an interpretation

Lately while Grace is napping and either before or after Asher’s “roomtime”, I sit down with him & work on a letter tracing page. We do one letter a day. Some letters/days he does great & works hard to get it right. Others he’s just silly & still others are really difficult & he tries but I don’t push too hard to correct mistakes. At this point my main goal is working on fine motor skills, not so much actually being able to write letters.

After he finishes the page he then turns it over to draw on his own. He always draws people & for the past week & a half he’s been stuck on drawing “jericho”. Last week we got a book about firefighters and one about pirates who got tied up in rope. They have both been incorporated. Thx to ryan’s help via messenger (thx ryan, sorry to distract work), you will see below: Jericho. The ‘bad guys’ are the small ones on the bottom right lined up along the “wall” (the line with zig zag going down it), the ‘Israelites’ are also firefighters & for some reason the red one is tied up. (the domes on the black guys’ heads are firefighter helmets). You will also note, the balls on the ends of the “good guys” hands are: boxing gloves.

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