Free Cars

Over the years Jennifer have been given a bunch of free cars… really:

  1. 1989 Toyota Camry (thanks Amy)
  2. 19?? Volkswagon Jetta (this was more of a loaner)
  3. 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royal (thanks Liv)
  4. 198? Chevy Station Wagon (thanks Aneka)
  5. 1989 Ford Bronco II (thanks Stephen)
  6. 1994 Toyota Corolla (thanks Hollifields)
  7. 1990 Toyota Camry (thanks Khuls)
  8. And now, the newest addition and the hands-down winner for nicest one ever given

  9. 2000 Toyota Avalon (thanks mom & george)

We should be getting the Avalon a week from sunday. The really cool thing about getting the Avalon is that we FINALLY get to give away one of our cars. We’ve wanted for a long time to give away a car, but all our cars would have been the kind of thing you give to someone you don’t like. However, the Camry we currently have is actually in really good condition, so we’re excited to pass it along to a very deserving young lady.

Giving away cars is fun… and, honestly, getting cars is pretty fun too…

Also, for what it is worth, these are the cars I’ve (we’ve) purchaced over the years:

  1. 1985 Honda Accord (sold after 2 wrecks that weren’t my fault)
  2. 1989 BMW 528e (smashed into a guard rail at 55 mph)
  3. 1999 Honda Accord (got smashed by a truck)
  4. 2000 Honda Odysee (still truckin)

One thought on “Free Cars

  1. ummmmm can you say amazing? cause I can!

    you dont know how funny I find all of this- I can’t stop laughing!