For the past 7.5 years I have pestered ryan about fondue. I had never had fondue and it sounded like a lot of fun. Whenever we pass a melting pot restaurant, I always bring it up. Ryan always either has no response or shoots it down.

Until this past friday. We went on a date & went to a local fondue restaurant. I was elated when he revealed the destination (which was when we pulled into the parking lot). In fact we were both pretty excited, looking forward to a ‘new experience’.

Before the meal began & as we were enjoying our (too cheddar-y tasting) appetizer we were discussing how people are always making fun of fondue. “A restaurant where you have to cook your own food??” Party poopers!

Then the main course arrived. We got a sampler platter for two, lots of different kinds of meat….that you cook on a 700 degree rock, while the side dish was simmering in a pot of chicken stock. At first I was fondly reminded of bulgogi restaurants in Korea….but as it went on it wasn’t as fun as I remembered. Perhaps b/c when I was in korea I was not the one who cooked dinner at home. Or perhaps it’s just that the meat wasn’t marinated.

All conversation was halted as we heaped the meat onto the rock, & kept a close eye to make sure we turned it at the right time…don’t overcook that beef! that fish done? Not to mention the 3 reminders from our server, “make sure you don’t eat any raw pork or seafood”. Ryan went with the “eat it as soon as it comes off the rock” technique which left him unsure of what or how much he ate & I went with the “wait until it’s all finished cooking to enjoy it” technique which left my food cold & not that enjoyable.

In the end…”they” were right. It’s too much work! I mentioned during the cooking rush that I felt like i was getting lunch ready for the kids. it’s often a hurried task where i deliver to them the food as it’s finished & sneak my own eating in between “courses”. By the time they’re finished eating & i get them cleaned up & ready for naps I’m exhausted.

I can see how it could be a fun place to go for dessert or just appetizers esp. with a group of people. But cooking my main course…not very relaxing and fun. As far as ryan was concerned it was a win-win though…if it was good then we would have found a fun new place to eat. Since it was not, he no longer has to hear me go on about wanting fondue.

9 thoughts on “Fundue

  1. sounds like you all may have rushed through it a little. I sounds like a place you take your time cooking a few pieces at a time and like Ryan eat them as they finish cooking and while eating that start the next pieces and stretch out the night talking in between. It is kind of a eat for several hrs. kind of night, but not constint since you have to cook the stuff. Not somthing to do often just when you want to stretch out a meal and relax : ). mom

  2. yeah, but the waiter actually said the “trick” to keep the stuff from sticking too much (& boy did it stick) was to load the rock down completely & as soon as stuff was done to put more on. i think that’s why were so frantic….i think really i was expecting the entire meal to just be dipping stuff in bowls of different kinds of melty sauces.

  3. Interesting, I’ve never heard of the “rock” idea. I’ve only been to Melting Pot twice for the main meal and you cooked each piece in either chicken broth or oil (your choice) and there were lots of sauces to dip things in. You’re right though, it’s a great place for dessert or appetizers and definitely a 2-3 hour outing. I didn’t think I’d still like the idea after getting a chocolate fountain but my mom made it recently at home and it was still super fun and yummy. So sorry it turned out disappointing for you :-( Hope you find a “winner” in the fun places to eat search :-)

  4. Were you at Melting Pot (no rocks), or Colorado Fondue Co. (rock place)? I didn’t think Melting Pot used the rock. What’s really fun (hint for a future double date) is to get two couples at Melting Pot and get two types of broth and do your meats together, sampling each other’s broth. The broth isn’t as intimidating as the rock, and the meat is really moist and delicious. I like shrimp/chicken, Ethan gets filet. I think this fondue experience could be redeemed for you, but maybe at a different place…..?

  5. You know, I kinda feel the same way. I love the “idea” of fondue but I do get slightly nervous about cook-times. I also hate how I’m forced to wait several minutes between bites. I end up leaving after 3 hours thinking about the bowl of cereal I’m going to have when I get home. :-)

    However, with all that said, anytime Amy suggests we go have fondue I get really excited. And it does make for a great double date as long as you enjoy the couple you’re with. We have fond memories of several 3 hour dining experiences with some of our friends!

  6. I, too, have always wanted to go to a Melting Pot type place.
    For my last birthday, we did a dessert fondue at home, and it was a blast! Never gone the main course route, though.

    You know what bulgogi is? One of my best friend’s grandma is from Korea, and I’m usually privileged to be at birthday celebrations that involve her preparing this delicious meat! Mmmmm :D

  7. Ok…I feel like I need to defend the fondue (not really…but it’s fun anyway). Steve and I rarely go because it’s so pricey…but when we do…we count on a couple hours, no rock cooking (not sure what that is…but sounds intense), and lots of conversation. We cook our main meal a few pieces at a time and try all the different sauces and just chill. (And the waiters where we go…are very layed back…yours sounded a bit on edge.) We found that we are not boiled lobster lovers (or lobster lovers of any kind) which keeps the bill on the lower end, and we usually have some steak, chicken, shrimp, and ravioloi. The first time we went to The Melting Pot…we weren’t too sure (thanks to the lobster). But we tried it again (no lobster)…got the hang of it…and now LOVE it!! :o) Don’t give up on the fondue!!!

  8. uh oh….sounds like we’re going to have to try melting pot, ryan (we went to colorado fondue Co). ;)

    that sounds like what i envisioned fondue to be. heh….

  9. Okay, I have been a voyer of your blog for a while now Jenn and I finally decided to post. I just had to jump in! I thought it was too coincidental that my husband and I JUST went to melting pot on Friday night. We were in Atlantic City for our anniversary and my hubby was less than enthusiastic about going to the fondue spot. Anyway, We just had appetizer (cheese fondue) and dessert! We skipped the main course because the first time we went there a year ago….I wasn’t really impressed with the boiled meat and chicken. I find fondue-ing fun however and really loved the cheese and chocolate. Never did the rock cooking but I understand the frustration. I agree with the dip and eat technique…oh and lots of chatting. looking forward to your melting pot review when you go there!