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We discovered this week that Goldfish crackers do have garlic.  I have suspected as much and thus, make sure to tell childcare workers at church & the like not to give them to him, but in all honesty I was just assuming that included in “spices” was garlic.  I tried finding out if Ketchup includes garlic in their “spices”, but since it’s not a “top 8 allergen”, they won’t release the information without a signed doctor’s note saying I need it.  …embarrasingly..I’ve been too lazy to call & get the note (bag over head).  But we have limited his ketchup consumption dramatically & i always give him enzymes with meals that contain it.  I assume the cracker company would be as difficult.

Anyhow, back to the fish.  On monday at playgroup one of the mom’s brought goldfish & I completely  forgot they were a potential issue.  Asher probably ate MOST of them himself.  He sat in front of that bowl for a looong time & even carried one around with him.  Then halfway through the group, i remembered & told him not to eat anymore…this was of course not met pleasantly and he kept saying, “but my tummy doesn’t hurt!”.  So I told him it would be an experiment to see if momma was right or not, but that it likely wouldn’t show anything till the next day.

Sure enough tuesday morning he woke up considerably early complaining of a stomach ache & spent the next 20 min. quite unhappy on the toilet with lots of subsequent trips that morning…he’s better but still not 100% in that area yet.  So yeah…mental note:  no goldfish crackers.  And thankfully Asher seems to have learned from it & has asked me not to let him eat them anymore.  Smart kid.

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  1. bummer! poor kid can’t eat a lot of fun stuff. Who would have thought being alergec to garlic would be so diffecult.

  2. awwww thats so sad!!! but thats really sweet he asked you not to let him eat it anymore. How common is the garlic thing? Of all things!

  3. Hi!

    I checked with the cafeteria people this morning. They said most ketchup does in fact have garlic powder so your suspecions are correct!