Get Well

If you’re not feeling well, Asher has a song for you.

This afternoon we were in the office and I was playing my guitar. He started to freestyle a song and I asked if he wanted to record it. So, I turned on garageband and got to work. It was pretty fun because I recorded the guitar track first and then gave him some headphones so he could record his track.

I don’t claim to be a musician, but he’s got some promise.

For those wondering (myself included) I think his inspiration came from either: me (I’m trying not to get sick, though I feel something a-brewin), his great-grandmother who is in the hospital, his grandmother who just had hip surgery, or his new favorite book, “Germs.” Whatever his muse, I feel better every time I hear it… hope you will too!

6 thoughts on “Get Well

  1. Man…you guys totally rock! I was feeling a bit sniffly this morning and feel better already! :o) Thanks, Asher!

  2. That is the cutest song I’ve ever heard! I was sick a few weeks ago and could’ve definitely used the song then!

  3. That is hot. Did he have his eyes shut, his hands over the earphones, and was he swaying like Steve Wonder? :-) Where’s the video!

  4. @Dan – I tried to record the video of him singing his track… unfortunately, there was a technical glitch and it didn’t record. But, yes, what you describe is basically what happened.