Gettin’ by with a little help from my friends

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep…just can’t get my brain to shut-up. If you ask them I’m sure my parents have wonderful memories of a little girl sneaking into their room in the middle of the night a few times a week to inform them, “I can’t sleep”. Apparently this was such a problem that I would actually do this in my sleep….of course I don’t remember THAT part. I do remember lying in my bed & hearing the tv go off in the other room, indicating that my parents would be going to bed soon, leaving me (i imagined) to be the only person in the world still awake, except all the crazy murderous burglers that were sure to break into our home. I dreaded seeing the yellow light peeking out from under my door go black.

Now, to my memory I’ve never taken a sleeping pill, maybe a benadryl one desperate evening…. I have always been concerned about being addicted, whether mentally or physically. So, I just ‘tough it out’. However, motherhood changed things up a bit on me. Along with the trouble falling asleep thing, i’ve always been a light sleeper (remember dreams almost every night, talk in my sleep a good bit, used to sleepwalk as a kid too). So i’m guessing (ok, ryan suggested) that I don’t sleep deep enough. Anyhow, this has kicked into major overdrive since motherhood began & little things like hearing asher roll over (not a creaky bed, just the sound he makes on the sheets) will wake me up & then I have to start the whole falling asleep process all over again. Praise the Lord ryan sleeps like the dead so he almost never moves, thus doesn’t wake me up.

A concerned citizen (who lives in my house) finally convinced me to go see our new Dr. (Dr. Marchal ). I knew going in I was there to get meds, but couldn’t resign myself to it, so I had myself convinced he’d have a miraculous suggestion otherwise. We had a nice talk about it & i asked a few questions & he prescribed me something. It’s not an actual sleeping pill, just something to “make my brain shut up” so natural fatigue can take over. We also recieved a great suggestion from Mrs. Greene to try blackout shades. I decided to give that a go before meds, but the “new toy” fascination took over & i did both the first 2 nights. The first night didn’t count because it had been 3 days since i slept well, so I was due for some good sleep. The next night I fell alseep relatively quickly but did not stay that way. Last night I did no drugs & had a really horrible night & ended up terrified when i did wake up since I couldn’t see anything.

I’m not sure what the purpose of all this was other than to solicit prayers & possibly advice. But the good news! We also darkened asher’s room & he has SLEPT DURING NAPTIME for 2 days in a row! He has not actually SLEPT during naptime (except when sick) in over 9 months. He’s also sleeping as late in the morning as he used to in the winter (getting 10-12hrs sleep at night…oh to be 2…), so I’m guessing the dark room suggestion has something to it.

btw, did you hear that this weekend was the 40th anniversary of the release of “St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”? Somehow that’s what started this whole rant.

6 thoughts on “Gettin’ by with a little help from my friends

  1. First, I will definitely pray for you. That’s a promise. I know how precious sleep is. Second, I have a friend (and no…it’s not me…it’s really a friend) :o) who is a really light sleeper and sleeps with ear plugs plus a mask. You may have already tried the ear plugs (and I’m not sure I could stand sleeping with something in my ears) so perhaps some white noise. We use air purifiers in the kids’ rooms that second as a little white noise to drown out any minor disturbances.

  2. My practicum supervisor from this past semester studies insomnia treatments, so I’ve learned a bit about sleep disorders…

    There are a couple sleep clinics in Richmond that might be worth looking into if you want more professional assessment ( and I’m not positive, but I think they focus more on behavioral treatments versus meds since they are notoriously addictive.

    But for starters, check this page to see if you might be missing something simple that is keeping you from deeper sleep:

    Have you ever tried any sort of relaxation or meditation exercises to quiet your mind? Might be worth a try. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. =)

  3. thanks girls. i will look into it. I have tried earplugs, hurts my ears. & I have done everything on the “for starters” list, but have not tried meditation to focus on relaxing (other than praying for folks, but that often just gets my mind whirling more, so prehaps a different strategy in that would be good) I’ll keep you posted. :o)

  4. the funny thing about this is I remember you and ryan telling me about when you first got married and how you would always want to talk when you got into bed- thats real cute :)

    See i was so wondering why you guys blacked our Asher’s room- I thought it was cause you guys REALLY didnt want people looking into his room or something haha.

  5. Okay, I am a very hard sleeper. Even now after the baby. But, I do wake up to him crying on the monitor when it’s time to eat in the morning. So, that’s good. But, anyhow I don’t agree that “remembering your dreams” has anything to do with being a lite sleeper. Since, I ALWAYS remember my dreams.

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