Gettin’ Wild up in Here

So after 3 months of searching and reading & causing enormously long threads on the cookingtf forum: We have success. Gluten-free bread worthy of a sandwich. if you have any experience with gluten-free breads you will know that they are either incredibly crumbly or really thick & solid. Either way: NOT sandwich worthy (& for home-made doesn’t last longer than 12hrs before it’s stale & uck).

For the past week I have been attempting to catch wild yeast as per a new book i just got wild fermentation. I had some success and then some near-failures, but yesterday (after some tips from the forum) “i” brought it back to life!

Then today using a recipe from an amazing gfcf food blogger (almost everything free sourdough bread), which uses principles from another book i just recently read: a soft, tangy, chewy..yummy…gluten-free brown rice flour sourdough bread was created!!

It is a TAD too ‘tangy’, but i was desperate for a final product so i didn’t let it ‘rise’ in the fridge. Rising on the counter is faster, but produces a more sour taste (as does keeping your starter on the counter vs. in the fridge i learned this week). The next loaf will be planned ahead and risen for a few days in the fridge. Oh happy day…sandwiches!

I have pictures, but as mentioned in the previous post (if it’s still there) i’m a dummy & can’t figure out picture sizing on this newfangled wordpress.

Soon ‘wild’ sour kraut is going to be fermenting in the kitchen…and we had ogi for breakfast. ;)

So that’s where i’ve been…my nose stuck in books, the kitchen and the computer.

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