Gnashing of teeth

A few months ago I decided to finally give in & go to the dentist (sans insurance, thus the long delay) after having experienced mild tooth pain for about a year. I’ve never had a cavity (or a tooth-ache), so assumed this was it. My first cavity…dum da dum dum! (that was music..).

However, turns out it was just my teeth…um…coming together wrong (i’m sure that’s the technical term). So our friendly neighborhood dentist shaved the offending teeth down a bit & viola no more pain. Amazing. While I was there, figured I should get a real checkup as well (it had been over 4yrs) & discovered (i had my suspicions) that I clench my jaw & grind my teeth at night. I also find myself clenching my jaw at odd times during the day (at the computer, watching tv, doing dishes, reading…) but again, never thought a whole lot about it (or the constant dull ache in my jaw). So, Dr. Murchie got me set up with a tooth guard (or is it mouth guard?).

I went in to pick it up & have it fitted on friday. He told me to expect to sleep horribly for about 2wks trying to get used to it & then after that it will be hard to sleep without it. So far: I LOVE it!! my jaw is still tired when i wake up, but my teeth already feel so much more comfortable & I wear it when I know I’ll be at the computer longer than 15min & when awake it does keep me from clenching….again…amazing.

Everytime I was in his office over the past couple months he would randomly refer to how God created our teeth when explaining things to me. I realize that since I go to church with him that he is probably more prone to speak like that than with “joe I don’t know if you’re a christian or not” off the street, but regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. God did design our teeth for specific purposes…& praise God for raising up christian folk to deal with yet another sad effect of the fall (problematic teeth). How cool would it be if we all had that kind of kingdom passion & zeal even in our place of work.

2 thoughts on “Gnashing of teeth

  1. So I neglected to visit the dentist from say about 13 up until just after my 29th birthday. Thats like 16 years or something….So to sum up. Since last September I’ve had 11 visits. This includes cleanings, fillings, root canal and after this week….a crown ;) My insurance hates me…ha ha ha However, my mouth feels much better. Good luck with it all…

  2. Glad the mouth guard is helping. When you mentioned teeth clenching it reminded me of a technique my advisor taught in stress management…unfortunately, I don’t have the text with me, but it went something like this:

    Before going to bed, you deliberately clench and unclench your teeth several times. I think somehow this makes your body more aware of the difference and to pay attention to that action when you are asleep.

    No idea how effective it is, but my advisor says it helps a lot of people who find mouth guards don’t help, so I thought I’d pass that little suggestion along in case you wanted to try it. But seeing as the mouth guard is helping you, maybe you don’t need to. =)

    PS I plan on writing you more about the sleep issue sometime. But mainly I’ll just say now I have been glad to hear how God has been working with you through it.