God’s Big Picture

I recently started a new book (& finished Sacred Parenting a few weeks ago…) that I’m reading during my morning devotional time, “God’s Big Picture“. I’m halfway through & so far it’s a “will recommend”. The only thing i don’t like is that it refuses to stay open, but that’s a printing issue….anyhow i’m not writing to ‘review’ the book right now. I just read a paragraph that in retrospect seems like a “duh” & i’m thinking I may be the last Christian on earth get this, but I will expose my ignorance just in case this changes someone else’s world like it just changed mine 30min ago:
The Author is discussing the Israelites in the wilderness; their unbelief & inability to enter the promised land due to the unbelief:

The apostle Paul tells us that their fate is a warning to us: ‘these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did’ (I Corin. 10:6). If we have faith in Christ, we too have been set free from slavery (to sin, not Egypt) by a Passover sacrifice (of Jesus, not of a lamb), and have been set on a journey to the promised land (heaven, not Canaan). We must make sure that we do not fall because of sin & unbelief, but that we keep trusting God until we reach the destination.

Whew how often have I rolled my eyes at those Israelites, “man! they SAW (i mean REALLY SAW) God deliver them! how can they be grumbling & not trusting Him??”…..& how often have I in turn, grumbled & complained about my own “journey to the promised land”. While I knew we are in transition here on earth & waiting for the eternal…I just never compared our travels (or lack of faith during it) to the Israelites. As I said…duh….

One thought on “God’s Big Picture

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have experiences like that, too, where you hear something one day and you’re like “But of course! How did I miss that?” It’s a good reminder to me that we shouldn’t stop speaking of the things that we personally might consider “elementary” or “obvious.” Who knows, there might be someone in your audience who will be hearing it for the first time, and as for the rest of us, reminders never hurt.

    I also have found it fascinating how the same lessons, the very same words, can take on entirely new meaning depending on the depths God has opened to a person. Know what I mean?