Going Green to the Library

Pretty much ever since I saw that we have a city bus stop within a block of our house, for whatever reason I’ve been itching to take the kids on it. The only reason it’s taken so long is that I seriously do not understand the route maps & get lost easily.

Anyhow, my “goal” has been to see if we can make it to & from the library for weekly storytime riding the bus. My reasoning:

1) I’m a cheapskate. I have to pay to park at the library. Yes, $0.75 a week is not going to break the bank, but couple that with gas to get there…I figure if i buy tokens (which is cheaper than paying cash, but not committing to ride enough to warrant a monthly bus pas), we’ll come out on top.

2) it’s something fun for the kids. Yes, it turns a 60-70 min. library trip into a 2.5 hr extravaganza, but they get to say they ride the bus like daddy & i figure it’s a good life experience (or something mushy sounding like that). In fact today we had quite the interesting conversation with a slightly scary looking man who more or less threatened the kids to behave b/c “his brother is santa clause”. He did it in a very nice sounding way that did not scare the kids though… I kept waiting for Asher to call his bluff seeing as how my kids are aware santa is not real. Thankfully he didn’t. I say thankfully b/c I have been reprimanded by strangers about the santa issue.

I know by now you’re at the edge of your seats to find out the verdict: it was a success! They got a little impatient about how long it took & on the way home I forgot myself & had them sitting next to each other instead of me in between (thus the strange man feeling the need to interfere & help stop the fight induced crying). But in all, it was an easy, fun trip. Didn’t even have to change buses and the stop is obvious, so I don’t foresee myself missing it. I also discovered a third reason to ride the bus: The kids brought a small bit of joy to some grandparently looking folks (including scary santa threatening man), waving & smiling & talking to a few folks who really seemed to enjoy the exchange. I think I will buy some tokens.

3 thoughts on “Going Green to the Library

  1. 1) I can’t believe people have repremanded you regarding the santa clause thing. thats ridiculous!
    2) I think the library thing is great. I remember when I was little going to story time at the local library, we were within walking distance so we’d walk… that time has a special place in my heart b/c of the time I got to spend with my mom. I’m sure asher and grace will think fondly of it when they grow up :)

  2. Just realized i was wrong about the tokens saving money. they’re $0.75 each, which is how much the fare is (20 for $15).

    I’m seriously math challenged. But if i buy those at least I won’t have to raid the kids’ piggy banks anymore. I already owe them $4.50 as it is for the past 2 storytimes.