Gone Fishin’

For Father’s Day I was given 3 fishing rods… oddly enough, one of the rods was a Star Wars rod and one was a Princess rod. Thankfully I have a son who loves Star Wars and a daughter who is a princess. Today we finally went out to give the new gear a try (granted, Asher has been casting in the back yard for weeks).

Despite our best efforts we were unable to catch fish. Asher had a couple nibbles, but most likely some minnows grabbing the worm. Jennifer, on the other hand, managed to catch a baby duck… and yes, it was a bad as it sounds. The little guy snagged the worm as she was reeling it in. I rushed over and pulled it in to the dock. Thankfully we had some friends with us who could help. I held the duck as Eric, a seasoned fisherman, managed to get the hook out of its bill.

You can view a short sideshow of our pics here… and no, there aren’t any of the duck incident.

DSC_0094 - Version 2

3 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. oh my gosh, i soooo wish I was there for that. ahhhhh I can’t stop laughing thinking about Jen’s reaction to the whole matter :)