Good Morning Thanksgiving

Ok rinse & pat dry.  good morning turkey

Into the oven you go (don’t worry we covered it w/some foil later in the game)

Warming up some cider

Asher smelling it: “hmm…smells like apple juice….and…something else…i think…oranges? It kinda smells like oranges too”

I’m telling you the kid will at least have culinary arts as a hobby. Perhaps a wine connoisseur like his Pop?

Breakfast.  Note turkeys that have been sitting on the windowsill for a few weeks.

Rolls on the rise (whew)…note: one of these things is not like the other….got a heat blast from the oven vent

we’ve been lounging around, cooking & watching the Macy’s parade.  The kids have been watching the parade (much more excited about it than i expected) & playing various pretend games together.  just now starting to irritate each other.  Ryan’s pulling turkey out of the oven as I type.

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