3 thoughts on “Grace and the Ballerinas

  1. A few cute facts you should know:

    1) i took her to barnes & noble for a reading of the nutcracker by a local “ballet company” (in costume). they were kids/teenagers. very cute. they then performed a mini-version of the ballet.

    2) when i told grace where we were going, in an almost panicked voice she asked me to get her tutu. So she wore the tutu to barnes & noble.

    3) throughout she was very into the performance (very “scared” about the rat king & loud about said fact), and was thrilled that she “matched” the sugar plum fairy. yes, i took a picture w/her.

    4) ever since she’s been twirling around with one of our nutcrackers & pretending to throw shoes at me (i am apparently the rat king), while declaring, “I claire!”

    needless to say i have put the nutcracker book on hold at the library.

  2. Both the ballerina video and Asher’s doctor update were very cute. I know it’s only been a short while, but we miss you guys and can’t wait to see you again. Feel better Asher! and we love your moves Grace!

  3. Had to go on and watch this again today, she is soooo cute, we watched old vidios dad had put to disk of her mother just starting to walk, and dad said “she is dancing like Grace!” only Grace of course had more balance and is “dancing” :)