Great Mercy

So, As you can see from the previous post “elect exiles” I am reading 1 Peter this morning… thanks to my new computer’s wifi, I can noe post my thoughts on my morning meditations without leaving the comfort of Starbucks…

Anyway, as I continued to read on in First Peter, I was overwhelmed by, what Peter calls God’s “great mercy.” In verses 1-6a of chapter 1, Peter expounds on the greatness of this mercy. As I read this scripture I am overcome by the reality that I do not deserve the grace of God. The sin that stained my very soul caused an immeasurably great chasam between me and God. However, through the greatest act of mercy, HE caused us (I being part of us) to be born again… not only that, but we are born again to a living hope. I don’t know if this does anything for you, but there is a fire in my heart that burns stronger when I think about the reality of this verse. Then I continue and see that our inheritence in Jesus is “imperishable, undefiled, and unfading.” WOW that is good stuff. Then it is toped off by saying that all this is being guarded by God’s power… Truley, God’s mercy is great beyond what I deserve or, at times, can truly comprehend.

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