Grey Hair and a Postmodern Simpsons

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now. The main reason is that this week is crazy as I am trying to cram two months of seminary classwork into 1 week… while I’ll probably blog about that later, let us focus our attention on two very important recent events.

The first event is the discovery of a grey hair on the right side of my head, about one inch above my ear. While jennifer has informed on several occasions that she has found grey hairs on the back of my head, this was the first one that I found for myself. I guess I kind of had the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” mentality. It jsut seemed so sureal to look in the mirror and see this silver hair glistening amongst all his dark brothers (is hair male or female???). While I am not opposed to grey hair in general, I jsut feel like 27 is a bit young for it to begin to creep in… oh well, I guess time will tell how serious the situation is.

The second event was the uber-postmodern Simpsons episode last sunday. Normally I miss out on new Simpson episodes because of church, but this week I was able to catch it. The main gist was that Bart told a lie that got Milhouse’s dad arrested and Chief Wiggim promoted. Lisa and Principal Skinner began to try and search out the truth and ultimatly discovered the lie. ONe of the characters (can’t remeber which) basically said, “well everyone is happier because of the lie, so why expose it?” then the show ended. Jennifer and i both looked at each other and said, “did it just end like that?” There was no resolution or and “to be continued”… it just ended. I’m sure that there was a lot more to make mention of, but I’d have to watch it again… maybe I’ll catch the re-run some day… it’d certainly be worth watching again.

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