Grey Skies…are smiling at me…

Although it’s odd to be waking up to a grey cloudy morning (vs. in Orlando where even when it’s cloudy it’s pretty bright out..), we’re enjoying NOT sweating. heh…i’m even going to wear my hair down today….miracle of all miracles.

We’re in Seattle in a hotel for a few days touring the town, Toddler style before we head up to our new hometown. Going to hit up the Children’s Museum for today’s big outing. Pretty excited about that.

In related news, we read the following this morning in the State Visitor’s Guide, about the city we’re moving to:

Consistenly rated one of the best places to visit in the country by national publications, the Bellingham Mount Baker region offers visitors a fresh change. Outside Magazine named Bellingham as a Top 10 “Dream town”, “outdoorsy community,” and “Best Paddle Town”, while Organic Style touted Bellingham as one of “America’s Healthiest Cities” and National Geographic Adventure named it a top “Adventure Town”.

Wow….we’ll see what it’s like when the “rubber meets the road”…but thus far I’m amazed that God would send us to a place that sounds so much like our “dream home”.

2 thoughts on “Grey Skies…are smiling at me…

  1. Welcome to Whatcom County! We’re glad to have you!

    Please let me know if I may be of assistance to you,

    Rebecca Boonstra
    Visitors Center Coordinator
    Mount Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce