As I rarely ever update this page & have not even really settled on the “purpose” of my blog…I never did mention or update the incredibly difficult & life-changing journey my dear friends Robert & Erin Greene have been on since january….& even now I am at a loss for words to express my grief & all the thoughts & emotions rolling around regarding dear Owen. Just as on monday I thought I would burst at the expectation of getting to meet the little guy, I still feel that way. I am so grateful that his parents got to meet him & have that precious time together. I am full of expectation of getting to do so as well….. I have no profound understanding of Heaven, & I assume I’ll be wrapped up in God, but I do expect to meet him. Beyond that, details have been beautifully & prayerfully explained on Robert’s blog. I would also like to comment that my heart echo’s my husband’s thought’s of our dear friends & our Lord Jesus Christ…..Soli Deo Gloria indeed.

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