Growing up, but still little

Sometimes I forget how little Asher is. Be it unreasonable expectations due to being the firstborn (poor “practice child”) and us not knowing any better, or him being outrageously brilliant (not that i’m biased or anything!)…I often forget that he’s still…well…a toddler.

However, every now & then he says or does something that reminds me & it’s usually extra fun given that I forgot he would think that way. Two recent examples:

1) He likes snuggling on the couch with Ryan after dinner, hiding under the blanket. The other night he seemed legitimately perplexed that I knew where they were…even though I was sitting right across from them when they ducked under & that we were carrying on a conversation (like, “mom, say ‘Where’s Daddy & Asher’ “).

2) Today at lunch he stopped eating and tilted his head weird staring off into space. Thinking he was either attempting to will himself not to complain about lunch, or having a strange seizure I was about to attempt to bring him back to reality when he emerged on his own in a huff. “Why can I only see other people’s eyes and not my own?!!?”. Once I stopped laughing and realized it was not intended as a rhetorical question I put on my scientist hat. Then I took it off, as I was unable to come up with a good way to explain it other than, “because our eyes can only see out, so you can only see your eyes in a mirror”.

I don’t think that was good enough for him, but since I found it so amusing he was distracted from further questioning. Maybe later we can look at eye diagrams on the internet or something. ;)

One thought on “Growing up, but still little

  1. Asher just sounds so funny. I’m sure he has personality for days. I can’t stop laughing and telling people about the Roman Soldier looking for Jesus at playgroup story. lol. It makes me giggle everytime. Now this. I often fall into that whole thing of thinking my daughter is older than she is…until something like that happens to shake me back to reality.