Growing Up

I don’t really have time to put much thought into this post, but I’m sure if i don’t put something it will never to actually make it out of my head. I will be vague on the off-chance the person I talked to about this actually read this blog…which I seriously doubt. Anyhow, I recently overheard the following comment when this person was explaining why college students were walking around with balloon animals & face-paint:

they’ve finally figured us (college students) out. They’ve got a bouncy house, face paints, balloons, balloon animals…..we just want to have fun like little kids.

Ok, that might not be verbatim, but it’s pretty close. I myself would enjoy some time in a bouncy house & having my face painted….however, I’m not sure what that says about our society…or me…that not only would the school (or some company trying to sell something? i don’t know why they were on campus) would have the thought, “how about we set up something like a birthday party for a 5 year old? I bet the 18-25 year old students would love that” …& they did. I could go on about how our college experience (& i do mean in how mine was) really fosters a lazy, “just hang out & have fun” attitude, but i will spare you. Mix all that together with the idea that you need to be at least 28 to be “mature” enough for marriage (another rabbit trail i will try to refrain from….that we have to be mature for marriage instead of marriage being an agent to mature us). But at the same time we all expect to somehow be millionaire’s or have some profound impact on society before we’re 30.

Not sure how that’s supposed to happen if we’re trying to relive our child-hood during the years we should be learning, training, & pressing through character-developing situations……

One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Great thoughts… prolonged adolescence annoys me too.Do you think universities in any other countries have bouncy houses on campus?sheesh…