Hairy & Heavenly thoughts

1) My hair is turning on me. It’s leaving. Constantly. My brush (& shower drain) is full each morning, I’m constantly searching for delinquent hairs tickling my arms & I think I’m going to have to start wearing a hair-net in the kitchen to prevent further hair consumption. I’m not sure if this just means my hair is as long as it’s going to get &/or this is a normal experience in the life of the ‘long-haired’ (the last time i had long hair i was 14) or I have some sort of mineral deficiencies. Insight would be much appreciated or else I’m going back to a pixie ‘do & soon. Once this thought crept in my mind I also started longing for the days of hair that was ‘styled’ without time spent styling it. I often wonder if Ryan is tired of ponytails. Then my friend Dana went & raved about her new short hair. It could be coming soon to a Burns near you. i’m far too impressionable.

2) Read the following yesterday morning & just had a nice “ahh….” time thinking about it. Thought y’all might enjoy it as well:

Hebrews 3:13 “But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.”

(from the study notes in my bible): Sin promotes the illusion that disobedience is more secure or pleasurable than the pilgrimage of faith.

this also tied in nicely with what we were discussing in our sunday night bible study tonight, the idea of having the thought of Heaven in mind & how that causes us to live differently. Oh that I would find “soul quenching’ satisfaction in Christ and Him alone…and not chase empty idols (cough *perfect hair* cough, ;) ).

8 thoughts on “Hairy & Heavenly thoughts

  1. It could be partly genes, I had problems with my hair falling out when I was younger I still have a bit of it fall out all the time but with the short hair I don’t think it is as noticable. With the long hair you see it more in the drain ect. I still have a head full of hair (well the normal head full for me, it has never been a lot)so unless you start seeing bald spots I dont think you have to worry, but it is scarry. hmm, another thing with short verses long may be the long gets caught more in the brush and pulls more out, just a thought : ). But as you know I am a big fan of short hair, no real worries and fushing most of the time, just need to constently get it cut once a month.

  2. i do not have this issue, I mean there is the occasional hair in my food problem, but not frequently.

  3. hmmm….well, i’m not going bald or anything, i don’t think it’s that. i suspect it’s just a “it probably always does this but now that it’s long I’m noticing it more” type thing. I think i’ll keep an eye on it for a bit longer & if my suspicion holds true, i will probably cut it. But maybe i’m just like a dog & am shedding for summer. ;)

  4. Just to encourage you, mine shed all the time when it was longer. But, it still sheds now, which totally amazed me (but, as Dave pointed out, did I really expect it wouldn’t fall out simply because it’s short now?!). And don’t worry about being impressionable – I’m sure somewhere in the deep confines of my subconscious, I have you to thank for being brave enough to get the short cut!!! Your hair always looked so cool short (but that’s not meant to say it doesn’t look cool now – I’m always impressed with what you do with your hair; and you make it look effortless . . . ).

  5. wow, thanks! my secret is: ponytails ARE effortless. lol, seriously though i never had a ‘do that required more than 10min. of effort (& usually FAR FAR less) until it hit my shoulders about 9 months ago. now it’s wet, blow dry, flat iron…complain about it still not looking right… in all it takes about 20min. to wear my hair down. thus the ponytail most days.

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  7. I have not had too much trouble with my hair falling out, although I will agree that I have noticed more shedding than I had noticed when it was short. But I completely relate to your pining for the days of styled hair sans styling. I am often tempted to chop mine off again, but I keep reminding myself that I’ve never had long hair and that it has to be worth it to at least give it a try once in my life. But I’m afraid I may end up in ponytail land, as well. I just can’t stand spending a lot of time on my hair and it’s not a good sign when every stylist I see lately says, “You must have to straighten your hair every morning!” And straightening my hair takes a ridiculously long time given that I have enough hair for 3 people. What’s a girl to do…=)