Hapi Gnu Yeer

We’re home. It’s sooo good to be home. It’s a new house, but it’s home. As asher was quick to point out…all our stuff “matches” what was in our old house. Yes, ryan went to great lengths to find furniture & toys that look just like those in our old house….asher was pretty excited about that (yes, we did explain that it was the same stuff…)

I LOVE the house. I’m really looking forward to getting all the details & little stuff settled in, but ryan did an amazing job. the house layout is great, it looks nice, is comfortable, enough stuff set up & put away to make it immediately livable & well…..I would expect nothing less from my ‘man’. :)

Did i mention that it’s (almost) january & our air-conditioner just kicked on? I may just like it here….

Ryan is beginning to feel under the weather (confirming my suspicion that he’s allergic to me since he had no allergies previous to our engagement 8ish-yrs ago), so I tucked him in to bed a little bit ago…now i’m off to learn how to use the new remote control, have another glass of wine & try to prepare my brain to be quiet enough to sleep my first night in the new diggs….despite the fact that florida allows firecrackers & our neighbors are apparently happy about that.

4 thoughts on “Hapi Gnu Yeer

  1. We’re so excited you are all together again in your new home to ring in the new year! (Even if Ryan is sleeping :) ) We wish you much joy and fruitfulness for the new year… you are already dearly missed.

  2. Glad you are all together in your new “HOME”! I can’t wait to come and visit. I do hope Ryan is feeling better. It is probably exhaustion as much as anything and now that Nurse Jenn is on the scene, I am sure he will feel better soon.
    Love, Mom

  3. Yay! Glad to hear it feels like home, and even Asher noticed it. What a great idea, to set things up before you brought the kids down. We’re continuing to pray for an easy transition. Enjoy the fact that your a/c is running and it’s 36 degrees in Richmond as I typed this!