Happy 8

8 years ago today, these two crazy kids got married. 8 years, 4 states, 7 cars, 2 kids, 2 dog (one of which peed on our Christmas tree), 2 or 3 fish, 1 cat, 10 jobs, 7 homes, and countless friends.

(I intended to post this picture this morning, but had computer issues… Alas, better late than never)

16 thoughts on “Happy 8

  1. Okay. So I know how old you guys are, and I know how long you’ve been married, but the math just isn’t working out since you obviously got married when you were 18 (if that!)!

  2. WoW! I forgot what you looked like with that much hair! I agree you both look way too young to get married in that pic. But we your real ages :) Happy Late Anniversary! the card is in the mail:}

  3. @phil – the math works like this… I’m 31 next month and I STILL get carded. With that kind of age-to-looks ratio, I apparently looked 12 when I got married… though, in reality I was 22. For inquiring minds, Jenn was 21. Which, since we’re talking about math, means she turns 30 in 2 months! Are we adults yet?

  4. regarding the math i would just like to note that i RARELY get carded. I can’t remember the last time i was carded. how they gonna say i look older than ryan? i have seen him get carded. it happens much more often for him. for the record HE’S the one with grey hairs! ;)

    and it’s not that i always have kids with me, there have been plenty of child-less card-free beer runs.

  5. Ahh! So cute!
    Wow, you both look so little. ;)

    Happy Anniversary (I’m probably late by now).
    Hope you both are doing well!

    Hello to Asher and Gracie. :)