Happy Mom’s Day… Here’s Your Check

Ok, so apparently the typical stay-at-home mom’s work is worth $138,095 a year. If you are wondering how much your wife’s work is worth (besides “priceless”), then check out this salary calculator.

After running the number on Jennifer I found out that I’m going to need to borrow some money… anyone have an extra $114,252 I can borrow?

On a final note, if you use the salary calculator, at the end you can print out a fake check in the amount of her work’s value… Yeah, nothing says “thanks for the hard work” like a piece of paper with absolutely no monitary value what-so-ever.

Happy Mothers Day.

One thought on “Happy Mom’s Day… Here’s Your Check

  1. Ryan-
    great website (i love the picture at the top)!

    i also like the idea of spouse blogging. a new trend?